Remote Monitoring & Soil Characteristics using IOT

Remote Monitoring & Soil Characteristics using IOT
Remote Monitoring & Soil Characteristics using IOT

Remote monitoring of soil parameters is an emerging trend which has the potential to transform agricultural practices and increase productivity.

pH value, temperature and moisture content of soil are the basic parameters which help in characterizing the soil and therefore in taking proper decisions regarding fertilizer application and choice of crops sown.

In this work, antimony electrode is used for pH measurement. For soil moisture content estimation, the inverse relation between soil resistance and soil moisture has been utilized and corresponding circuitry has been developed. The determination of soil temperature is done using the DS18B20 sensor working on the Dallas one wire protocol. The system is integrated with Bluetooth for the transfer of data to a nearby cell phone. The entire system is developed on STM32 Nucleo platform.

The advance in the technology helps to progress even in the field of agriculture. In this proposed framework, soil nutrients can be identified using IOT. PH, temperature and moisture is found using sensors. By this measure of fertilizers required for the field will be known. This helps farmers to examine soil and know its fertility level before sowing. By this large amount of yield can be gained. IOT-Internet of Things is the large domain which deals with collecting information through internet at any time, at anywhere.


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