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Patent 1

Patent Title "Remote Monitoring & Soil Characteristics using IOT"

Patent Abstract

Remote monitoring of soil parameters is an emerging trend which has the potential to transform agricultural practices and increase productivity.

pH value, temperature and moisture content of soil are the basic parameters which help in characterizing the soil and therefore in taking proper decisions regarding fertilizer application and choice of crops sown.
In this work, antimony electrode is used for pH measurement. For soil moisture content estimation, the inverse relation between soil resistance and soil moisture has been utilized and corresponding circuitry has been developed. The determination of soil temperature is done using the DS18B20 sensor working on the Dallas one wire protocol. The system is integrated with Bluetooth for the transfer of data to a nearby cell phone. The entire system is developed on STM32 Nucleo platform.

The advance in the technology helps to progress even in the field of agriculture. In this proposed framework, soil nutrients can be identified using IOT. PH, temperature and moisture is found using sensors. By this measure of fertilizers required for the field will be known. This helps farmers to examine soil and know its fertility level before sowing. By this large amount of yield can be gained. IOT-Internet of Things is the large domain which deals with collecting information through internet at any time, at anywhere.

Patent 2

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Patent Abstract:-

The development and broad public dissemination of modern information and communication technologies implies a need for new requirements to corresponding user interfaces. There is a significant rise of diversity in physical form-factors of interactive devices, as well as the underlying software platforms on which those devices are based. The vast majority of present society, including people with special needs, requires access to modern information technologies. This trend represents a challenge for corresponding user interface technologies. Corresponding technologies should offer a sufficient level of adaptivity and context-sensitivity while preserving reasonable development costs. The requirements for this dissertation thesis have been coordinated with the results of an extensive survey of the state of art in this field. Our approach represents a method for context-sensitive automatic user interface generation. It relies on several methods introduced in the framework of this work.
A Intelligent adaptive interpretation system is having ability to interpret user’s speech and hand gesture in real time to manipulate medical image visualization environment.
The proposed method for the user interface description and delivery supports consistent models on different levels of abstraction, as well as a seamless integration of the individual components of our system. As part of our approach, we suggest a context model that reduces development and maintenance complexity by the introduction of a concept of consistent independent sub-models.
Intelligent adaptive interface build the bridge between user and machine for taking decision regarding strategies, harvesting and economical fluctuations. Thus objective of the project is to enhance the control and productivity of small acreage cultivation by keeping point of view problems faced by users and upgrading the development and dissemination of prototype interface module.


Facial Recognization Triple Security entryway system using AI & Deep Neural System

Security has always been a major concern for the households, offices & Bank system
environment, and for this concern, various approaches are in place to address the
problem. Most of the major Entryway lock security systems have several loopholes
which could be broken down to gain access to the desired places, and it creates a
concern for a secure lifestyle and proper working environment. Additionally, terrorism
and unauthorized access to places has become a major issue nowadays, and there is
a need for a secure system to prevent unauthorized access especially in shared access

With this consideration, design and prototype of a Triple Security Framework utilizing
facial acknowledgement, Passkey and knob pattern detection using Artificial Intelligence
and Deep Neural Network-based Door lock system has been presented in this project.
Triple Security frameworks such as facial acknowledgement, Passkey and knob pattern
detection mechanisms to enforce reliable logs of system transactions and protect an
an individual’s right to privacy.

The RFID or password based door lock mechanisms can easily be compromised when
the RFID card or passwords are shared or stolen, thus for facilities with shared access
require Triple Layer Security system. In the proposed system, Face, Passkey & Knob
The pattern of the authorized users will be enrolled and verified to provide access to a
facility that is used by multiple users. A user can also be removed and a new user can
be enrolled in the system. We have implemented a centralized control system from
where we can control who can enter in which rooms and who cannot. This is the latest
Raspberry Pie device based flexible working device that provides physical security
using the various layers of security utilizing the Artificial and Deep Neural network.


The addition makes unclear computing – Wireless sensor network has been attracting the notice of several researchers both in the academic world and the manufacturing as it provides many
opportunities for the organization by contribution a range of computing armed forces. So, data gathering
capability of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) become easy. For cloud computing to become
extensively adopted by both the enterprise and persons, several issues have to be solved. In any
case, verification as well as trust and reputation calculation and organization of cloud service
provider (CSPs) and sensor network suppliers (SNPs) are two extremely critical and hardly
explored issue for this new paradigm. To fill the gap, here proposes a novel authenticated trust
and reputation calculation and management (ATRCM) framework for CC-WSN grouping or
integration. This can be achieved by using TPA.

A TPA is third party auditor which is trusted authority for two different parties. TPA performs
verification on data which are stored on cloud or database. One party request TPA for their trust
verification with other party and then TPA verify data.

The proposed ATRCM framework accomplishes the three functions:
1) Verifying CSP and SNP to stay away from malicious impression attacks;
2) Computing and managing trust and reputation with respect to the service of CSP and SNP;
3) Helping CSU choose appropriate CSP and support CSP in selecting suitable SNP. Complete
analysis and design, as well as further functionality assessment result, are accessible to display
the efficiency of ATRCM, follow with system safety analysis.

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